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Last night was very physical between the two. Noc played him very hard last night and I'm thinking some Nets fans thought he was bit a bit dirty. Not "Bowen dirty" but a bit cheap but Carter had no problem with it. I remember Carter complimenting Nocioni's defense when they faced off last time.

Unless the Nets and Bulls somehow meet in the playoffs, Vince Carter is done with Andres Nocioni. Carter's body is happy.

The Bulls' rookie plays Carter - and everyone else for that matter - so physically that the Nets' swingman feels it once he showers. The last time they played, Carter was covered with scratches. This time, he was just worn down.

"War wounds, you get them all the time," said Carter, whose 30 points led everyone. "You don't mind them throughout the course of the game, until you get in the shower. Then you hate it."

Carter wouldn't say Nocioni is a dirty player, but was surprised that Nocioni had only one foul heading into the fourth quarter.

"He chop blocks, and says, 'What did I do?'Ÿ" Carter said.

In the third period, Carter and Nocioni got tangled up chasing a loose ball. They fell out of bounds near the Bulls' bench after Nocioni pulled Carter down.

Then Nocioni appeared to keep Carter down. When Nocioni got up, Carter tripped him, and was called for a technical foul. When Carter got up, he and Bulls coach Scott Skiles exchanged words, but it didn't amount to anything. Carter downplayed the whole thing.

"It's all good, man," he said. "Our goal was to come and play tonight and that's it. My goal was to be aggressive and try to last."

Nocioni showed little respect for the Nets' leading scorer last night, pushing and elbowing the All-Star for much of the contest.

Still, Nocioni was called for a mere two fouls.

"That's it? Really?" Carter said after the Nets' 100-84 victory over the Bulls last night at the Meadowlands.

On one tussle in the third quarter, Nocioni found himself tangled on the ground with Carter near the Bulls' bench. It looked as though both were trying to untangle, but only Carter got hooked with a technical.

"He grabbed my foot," Nocioni said. "He didn't say anything. He grabbed my foot, my ankle."

Carter said he didn't know he got the technical until someone told him after the game.

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Carter sure has revived his career after coming to New Jersey. That said, what he did to Toronto was pretty disrespectful.

I guess what I mean is that I respect him more as a player now, but less as a person. However, comments like these do help his PR mojo.

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The way Carter man handled us Noce should've been playing football the whole game.

"you have six fouls use them wisely"-?
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