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Magloire, Andersen put up little resistance as Heat's big man runs roughshod

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It didn't take long for O'Neal to get started. In the first quarter, he had two dunks, a layup and six rebounds. On each possession, O'Neal towered over Magloire, who tried fronting him. But O'Neal just leaned into Magloire more forcefully, pushing if he had to, for position. O'Neal did the same thing to Andersen, who had red bruises on both shoulders after the game. Andersen said that came from O'Neal banging into him.

O'Neal made eight of his first 13 shots and had 17 points and 10 rebounds in the first half. He kept it going in the third quarter, successfully hitting jump hooks to score nine points in the period. He made 15 of 21 shots for the game.
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