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Re: Non All-Star GM Draft Discussion Thread

Okay guys, I'll be leaving in a couple of hours, should return on Sunday night (eastern time). I'll post a writeup of my team here, just my thoughts on the construction of my team and its execution. If you guys want to do playoffs or something while I'm gone then I understand, if not that's also cool. Either way, I'll jump back in to the (hopefully thriving) discussion when I get back.

My writeup:

Roster (stats from 5 year peak):
Mike Bibby (18.6 ppg, 5.5 apg, PER 18.0)
Brent Barry (10.6 ppg, 3.9 rpg, 4.2 apg, TS% 62.7, PER 16.5)
Jalen Rose (19.1 ppg, 4.4 rpg, 4.4 apg, PER 16.3)
Kendall Gill (17.1 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 3.8 apg, 1.7 spg, PER 16.3)
Sarunas Marciulionis (13.4 ppg, 2.0 rpg, 2.5 apg, TS% 59.3, PER 17.1)
Michael Cooper (9.0 ppg, 3.1 rpg, 5.0 apg, PER 13.6, DPOY)
Gerald Wallace (11.4 ppg, 5.4 rpg, 1.6 spg, 1.1 bpg, PER 17.6)
Zach Randolph (17.6 ppg, 8.4 rpg, PER 19.6)
Charles Smith (17.0 ppg, 6.6 rpg, 1.5 bpg, PER 17.3)
Loy Vaught (14.0 ppg, 9.0 rpg, PER 16.5)
Tom Boerwinkle (9.4 ppg, 12.1 rpg, 3.4 apg, PER 16.1)
Rick Mahorn (8.8 ppg, 7.4 rpg, PER 12.5, The Baddest Bad Boy)

Offensively, this team relies on Randolph's scoring in the low post, but also on playmaking from the point guard, shooting guard, and center positions. On the perimeter, Bibby and Rose will share ball-handling responsibilities; they are the ones that break down the defense to get easy buckets for Randolph, Cooper, and Boerwinkle. I also envision a lot of Boerwinkle with the ball in the high post, just where the 70's Bulls used him to set screens, feed the low post, and hit cutters. Thus, Randolph will get a lot of high-low passes for easy buckets, Rose and Cooper will get a lot of backdoor passes for layups, and Bibby will thrive off his screen and roll or dribble handoff jumpers, his favorite weapon during his prime in Sactown. (Can't count how many times I saw Bibby come around a Webber screen and calmly knock down a dagger off of a handoff or a dribble.) And of course, Randolph will get his isolation touches in the low post, where he might be the most skilled scorer in this league. Unlike in Portland however, Randolph on this team has the playmakers to get him easy buckets and keep the ball moving, so that the team's efficiency will be high.

Defensively, this team features one of the great lockdown perimeter defenders of all time in DPOY Michael Cooper, who will handle the top scoring threat at the wing positions, while Rose has great size at the wing to hold his own at the other spot. At the 5, Boerwinkle was a great rebounder and post defender with his size and bulk and will bother the big post up players in this draft (Sabonis, Curry, etc.) As matchups dictate, we either start or bring off the bench an all-time great post defender in Rick Mahorn, against whom no big man in this league wants to play. Randolph isn't a great team defender, but he has bulk and quick feet, and is an excellent rebounder. Behind him off the bench are Charles Smith, a great athlete and shot-blocker who can take his turn on the quicker bigs, and Loy Vaught, a good rebounder and position defender. At the wings, we bring three long, athletic, team defenders in Barry, Gill, and Wallace. Each of these guys can switch between guarding the 1-3 positions with their size and athleticism, giving me a lot of defensive versatility.

Which brings me to the bench. On the perimeter, the calling card of this bench is length and athleticism. The Barry/Gill/Wallace combo are all big time thiefs who will hound perimeter players and pick up some easy transition buckets, since all are great finishers. Combine that with the athleticism of Smith trailing that break, and this bench is the kind that can defensively change the complexion of the game with transition opportunities, breaking it open. Marciulonis is a big-time slasher and scorer who can light up the scoreboard for small stretches, his ball-handling fitting well with the off-the-ball games of Barry, Gill, and Wallace. Mahorn is a great guy to have in your rotation for his all-around high basketball IQ, toughness, and defense, similar sentiments go for Loy Vaught, with less defense than Mahorn but a better touch around the basket. Because this league has no “superstars”, we rely heavily on our bench, all 12 men; I can imagine a rotation in which everyone plays somewhere between 8-30 minutes, depending on matchups:

Bibby (30) / Barry (18)
Rose (24) / Gill (13) / Marciulionis (11)
Cooper (30) / Wallace (18)
Randolph (30) / Smith (10) / Vaught (8)
Boerwinkle (24) / Mahorn (24)

So this team defends and executes offensively in the halfcourt, with the post scoring of Randolph, and playmaking from Bibby, Rose, Boerwinkle, shooting from Bibby and Cooper. Then the bench looks to use its perimeter athleticism to get easy buckets and alter the complexion of the game, breaking it open while not allowing the other team to set their offense.

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Here's an initial write-up for the Kentucky Colonels. I haven't had time to run the stats yet, but my roster is as follows:

C: Marcus Camby/Tree Rollins/Mike Gminski
PF: Roy Tarpley/Michael Cage
SF: Purvis Short/Bruce Bowen
SG: Jason Richardson/Mike Miller
PG: Kevin Porter/Nate McMillan/John Lucas

On the offensive side of the equation this team is very versatile. The key strengths are top drawer playmaking from Porter (the most prolific distributor in the league hands-down) and Lucas, and high-octane, creative scoring from Short and Richardson. Short is arguably the closest thing to an unstoppable scorer in Non-All-Star land; his trademark high-arching rainbow jumper is extremely difficult to defend. All 5 bigs are strong rebounders, and Tarpley and Cage especially are monsters here, so the Colonels will be seeing some put-backs, tip-ins and kick-outs.

This team can run well, especially when the starters are on the floor. There aren't many teams who will be able to defend against Jason, Purvis and Marcus on the break, with Porter or Lucas threading the needle. Kentucky will be equally comfortable in half-court sets when the game slows down, running isolations for Short and Richardson and some bread-and-butter pick-and-rolls. This isn't a team of deadeye marksmen, but Miller, Bowen and Richardson in particular can keep defenses honest and spread the floor for the one-on-one game and some interior scoring from Tarpley and Gminski.

The team is built largely to move and score, but depending on the matchup needs can play a smothering defensive game with the likes of Rollins, Camby, Bowen and McMillan. Teaming that quartet with either Short, Richardson or Miller will ensure that Kentucky can still put points on the board.

Bowen and McMillans are likely to alternate as the 6th man, depending on where the opposition's best perimeter scoring threat plays. Richardson has excellent size and strength at the 2 spot, and Tree, Cage, and Gminski are all physical bigs who (along with the shotblocking of Marcus and Camby) will make potential penetrators think twice.

Again this is a very versatile sqad. Rollins will see more playing time against bigger, physical centers. McMillan is a lockdown defender at all three perimeter positions, and Bowen can see time at both SG and SF. When the game is which-team-can-outscore-the-other, Miller and Gminski will see more time on the perimeter and in the low post, respectively.

Given all these variables it's tough to project a "typical" allocation of playing time, but the averages could look something like:

Camby (30)/Rollins (10)/Gminski (8)
Tarpley (34)/Cage (14)
Short (33)/Bowen (15)
Richardson (34)/Miller (14)
Porter (30)/McMillan (18)/Lucas (cheering wisely a lot from the bench and keeping Tarpley off drugs)

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This team is built around the skills of all-time great center Arvidas Sabonis and the original point forward Paul Pressey. We were looking for players who could dominate a game and they were two of the three players I saw that I felt could dominate a game on both ends.

:worthy: Although his knees had deteriorated to the point where he could not play full time when he reached the NBA, he still came into the league as the next coming of Bill Walton. A 7’3 physical rebounder, his shot extended out to the three point line and he is generally considered one of the five best passing centers of all time. Our offense will run through Sabonis in the high post. Around him we looked for players who were excellent defenders, passers, and efficient scorers. We will run a passing offense similar to that of the Walton Trailblazers with our starting lineup including three natural points in Pressey, Williams, and Fleming, all of whom averaged over 6 assists per game and all of whom had excellent midrange shots to work the ball in and out of the post. Hairston will be our low post scorer and rebounder, he managed over 12 rebounds a game playing next to Wilt Chamberlain. We will look to run with all of our fast ballhandlers but if the fast break isn’t there, we will work the ball in and out of the post, taking the extra pass to get a high percentage shot.

:biggrin: Off the bench, Tayshaun Prince adds another excellent defender who can hit a jumper and Herb Williams another low post scorer and defender. This will be our main seven man rotation. We will also get minutes for creative fast break passer Johnny Moore to push the tempo when Sabonis sits, three point shooter Bobby Phills, and long, athletic Sam Bowie. Sanders and Ramsey won’t see much time but act as coaches on the bench with their glorious tradition of winning and their court intelligence.

:clap: Defensively, we are loaded with excellent man defenders and will play a very aggressive man defense. In addition to our 4 players with All-Defensive team awards, we have 5 other players with reputations as excellent defenders. The only average defenders are Sabonis, Johnny Moore, and possibly the little used Frank Ramsey. The court intelligence of this team full of passers also allows us to switch and disguise our defenses as well. The capitalist running dogs will fall :azdaja: . . . oops, I mean we look forward to a terrific season.

[B]C Arvidas Sabonis[/B] 7’3 	51%fg  34%x3  79%ft	
	26.5min 8.3reb 2.2ast  1.1bl 13.6pts 	(/40=12.5/3.3ast/1.7/20.5) 

[B]F Happy Hairston[/B] 6’8	48%fg 	78%ft
	34.8min 12.0reb 2.3ast 16.1pts		(/40=13.8/2.6/18.5)

[B]G/F Paul Pressey[/B] 6’5		49%fg  24%x3  78%fg
	33.9min 4.9reb 7.1ast 1.8st 14.0pts	(/40=5.7/8.4/16.5)

[B]G Ray Williams[/B] 6’3		47%fg  24%x3  81%ft
	31.6min 4.0reb 6.0ast 2.1st 18.7pts	(/40=5.1/7.5/23.6)

[B]G Vern Fleming[/B] 6’5		51%fg  21%x3 78%fg
	34.0min 4.3reb 6.6ast 1.3st 13.7pts	(/40=5.1/7.8/16.2)

[B]F Tayshaun Prince[/B] 6’9 	47%fg  37%x3  78%fg
	32.6min 4.4reb 2.4ast 0.7bl 12.2pts	(/40=5.5/2.9/14.9)
[B]C/F Herb Williams[/B] 6’10	48%fg	70%ft
	32.5min 8.1reb 2.7ast 2.0bl 16.3pts 	(/40=10.0/3.4/2.5/20.0)

[B]G Johnny Moore 6’1[/B]		46%fg  26%x3  73%ft
	30.9min 3.7reb 9.7ast 2.4st 11.3pts	(/40=4.8/12.5/3.4/14.7)
[B]C/F Sam Bowie 7’1[/B]		45%fg  28%x3  74%ft
	29.7min 8.7reb 2.3ast 2.0bl 12.9pts	(/40=11.7/3.2/2.7/17.4)
[B]G/F Bobby Phills 6’5[/B]		45%fg  40%x3 74%ft
	33.5min 3.5reb 3.4ast 1.4st 13.0pts	(/40=4.2/4.0/15.5)

[B]F Satch Sanders 6’7[/B]		43%fg	75%ft
	18.6min 8.1reb 102ast 11.5pts		(/40=11.3/1.6/16.2)
[B]F/G Frank Ramsey[/B] 6’4	41%fg  	81%ft
	26.9min 6.2reb 1.9ast 15.5pts		(/40=9.3/2.8/23.0)

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SK Cherkassy Monkeys

Our primary starting lineup will be composed of Derek Harper, Darrell Griffith, Cedric Maxwell, Sam Perkins and Clifford Ray. On offense, a large part of our scoring will be up to our guards. Derek Harper and Darryl Griffith are our main offensive threats. Derek Harper will be the primary ball handler, while Griffith can keep teams honest from 3 point range (33% 3pt) and also swoop in for the big dunk to fire up the team (hence the nickname Dr. Dunkenstein). Griffith will be looked at as our main offensive weapon (21 ppg), but not relied on, as there are plenty of options to keep defenses from keying in on one of our players. Harper can not only score efficiently (17.4 ppg), but he can also distribute the ball Cedric Maxwell is a very efficient scorer (15.4 ppg, 56.8% fg), who won’t be asked to take a lot of shots, but will still be effective from the mid range and inside. He also gives us a very good rebounder from the small forward position (7.4 rpg). Sam Perkins will be looked at as our primary post scorer, and is a decent rebounder (8.1 rpg). He is also an excellent free-throw shooter and will look to take advantage of that (81.4% ft). Clifford Ray won’t be asked to do much on offense, except clean up the garbage, by grabbing offensive rebounds, and scoring a majority of his points on put-backs and dunks. Ray will use his muscle and long arms to grab boards (10.8 rpg). Ray is also a decent passer in the flow of the offense (2.8 apg) for a center who does not demand touches. Dawkins brings low post scoring and a sweet 15 foot jumpshot off the bench, as long as he can stay out of foul trouble. As aforementioned, Dell Curry will space the floor, and hit some long range bombs off the bench. Jerome Kersey will look to outmuscle smaller opponents, and use his infallible mid-range game to get the majority of his points. Mickey Johnson can handle the ball very well for a player of his size and present mis-matches due his unique build (6-10, 190). He brings good scoring and rebounding off the bench (17.1 ppg, 8.9 rpg). Super John Williamson will be looked too as a scoring spark off the bench, as someone who can light it up in limited time (19.5 ppg). Kurt Rambis won’t be looked to for scoring, but to contribute with hustle plays and doing dirty work.

Our team prides itself on its tough man to man defense. With excellent size in the backcourt (both guards stand at 6-4), we refuse to be bullied around by teams with big guards. Derek Harper will D up the better offensive guard (twice 2nd team all defense, 2.1 spg), with Darrell Griffith taking the other. Cedric Maxwell will lock down the wing players (and PF on occasion), while Clifford Ray (1.5 bpg) will play the biggest and most physical opponent, refusing to be muscled around, due to his incredible strength and physique. Sam Perkins (1 bpg) will primarily match-up with the opponent’s power forward.

One of the things we like is the versatility we have in terms of lineups we can throw out. Sam Perkins can play some center, while Jerome Kersey can use his strength to play both forward positions. Cedric Maxwell (1981 Finals MVP) can also play both forward positions. Mickey Johnson is another forward who can play both the 3 and the 4, due to his above average ball handling for a player of his size (3.2 apg). Dell Curry, the consummate 6th man will be looked upon to space the floor and connect from long range (40.8% 3pt), while KC Jones (HOF'er) will fall perfectly into line with our strategy of tough defense, by applying constant pressure to the primary ball handler. Darryl Dawkins will be looked upon to give us quality fouls and use his big body to (hopefully) bang down low and lean his large frame on the opposing big men to wear them down and tire them out (1.6 bpg). ‘Chocolate Thunder’ will also keep the team at ease with his antics, and hopefully shatter a few backboards along the way. Kurt Rambis brings his workman’s mentality and hustle to the game, and will put everything on the line for loose balls and play tough defense, to overcome his physical limitations. Super John Williamson can play a little point guard in an emergency, but we’d rather it not come to that.

Our team will pride itself on taking good shots, and efficiently scoring, as every player shoots over 45% from the field (every player in the starting lineup shoots 47.5% or better from the field), with the exception of KC Jones (39.5% fg). To combat this, KC Jones will not be looked at as a scorer, but rather as a tough nosed pressure defender, and distributor off the bench. Only 3 players on the Cherkassy Monkeys shoot below 70% from the FT line: Clifford Ray (61% ft), KC Jones (63.1% ft), and Darryl Dawkins (68.9% ft). On the other hand, four players shoot over 80% from the charity stripe: Sam Perkins (81.4% ft), Dell Curry (85.7% ft), Mickey Johnson (80.4% ft) and Super John Williamson (82.9% ft). Due to this, and every other player shooting in the 70th or higher percentile, we don’t foresee free throw shooting being a problem.

And that, in a nutshell is your 2007 SK Cherkassy Monkeys!

*all stats are from 5 year peak averages

Derek Harper	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	        16	17	17.3	18	19.7	17.6
RPG	        2.6	3	2.8	3	3	2.9
APG	        7.9	7.7	7	7.4	7.1	7.4
SPG	        2.2	2	2.1	2.3	1.9	2.1
BPG	        0.3	0.4	0.5	0.3	0.2	0.3
FG%		        				0.478
FT%			        			0.756
3PT%				        		0.354

Darrell Griffith	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	                20.6	19.8	22.2	20	22.6	21.0
RPG	                3.6	3.8	3.9	4.1	4.4	4.0
APG	                2.4	2.3	3.5	3.5	3.1	3.0
SPG	                1.3	1.2	1.8	1.4	1.7	1.5
BPG	                0.6	0.4	0.4	0.3	0.4	0.4
FG%		                				0.475
FT%				                		0.704
3PT%				                		0.330

Cedric Maxwell	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	        19	16.9	15.2	14.8	11.9	15.6
RPG	        9.9	8.8	6.5	6.5	5.3	7.4
APG	        2.9	2.5	2.7	2.3	2.4	2.6
SPG	        1.2	1	1	1	0.8	1.0
BPG	        0.9	0.8	0.8	0.6	0.5	0.7
FG%	        					0.568
FT%	        					0.786
3PT%	        					0.000

Sam Perkins	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	        15.4	14.8	14.2	15	15.9	15.1
RPG	        8.6	7.7	8	8.8	7.5	8.1
APG	        1.9	1.8	1.6	1.6	2.3	1.8
SPG	        0.9	1.4	1	1	1.2	1.1
BPG	        1.2	1	0.7	1.2	0.8	1.0
FG%	        					0.478
FT%	        					0.813
3PT%	        					0.262

Clifford Ray	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	        7	8.6	9.3	9.4	6.9	8.2
RPG	        10.6	10.9	12.2	10.6	9.5	10.8
APG	        3.1	3.7	3.1	2.2	1.8	2.8
SPG	        N/A	N/A	2.2	1.2	1.4	1.6
BPG	        N/A	N/A	2.2	1.4	1	1.5
FG%		        				0.510
FT%		        				0.610
3PT%		        				N/A

KC Jones	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	        9.2	7.2	8.2	8.3	8.6	8.3
RPG	        3.7	3.3	4.7	4.1	3.8	3.9
APG	        4.3	4	5.1	5.6	6.3	5.1
SPG	        N/A	N/A	N/A	N/A	N/A     N/A
BPG	        N/A	N/A	N/A	N/A	N/A     N/A
FG%						        0.395
FT%						        0.631
3PT%						        N/A

Dell Curry	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	        15.7	15.3	16.3	13.6	14.5	15.1
RPG	        3.4	3.6	3.2	2.4	3.2	3.2
APG	        2.3	2.3	2.7	1.6	2.1	2.2
SPG	        1.2	1.1	1.2	0.8	1.3	1.1
BPG	        0.3	0.3	0.3	0.3	0.3	0.3
FG%	        					0.458
FT%		        				0.857
3PT%				        		0.408

Jerome Kersey	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	        19.2	17.5	16	14.8	12.6	16.0
RPG	        8.3	8.3	8.4	6.6	8.2	8.0
APG	        3.1	3.2	2.3	3.1	3.2	3.0
SPG	        1.6	1.8	1.5	1.4	1.5	1.6
BPG	        0.8	1.1	0.8	1	0.9	0.9
FG%	        					0.479
FT%		        				0.701
3PT%		        				0.221

Mickey Johnson	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	        15.3	17.3	18.3	15.4	19.1	17.1
RPG	        9.4	10.2	9.1	7.6	8.3	8.9
APG	        1.6	2.4	3.3	4.6	4.2	3.2
SPG	        1.1	1.3	1.1	1.1	1.9	1.3
BPG	        0.8	0.8	0.8	0.7	1.4	0.9
FG%	        					0.457
FT%	        					0.804
3PT%		        				0.156

Darryl Dawkins	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	        11.7	13.1	14.7	14	11	12.9
RPG	        7.9	8.1	8.7	7.2	6.4	7.7
APG	        1.2	1.6	1.9	1.4	1.1	1.4
SPG	        0.5	0.4	0.6	0.5	0.4	0.5
BPG	        1.8	1.8	1.8	1.5	1.1	1.6
FG%	        					0.552
FT%			        			0.689
3PT%		        				0.000

John Williamson	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	        16.2	20.8	23.7	22.2	14.6	19.5
RPG	        2.5	2.7	3	2.6	1.7	2.5
APG	        2.5	2.8	2.9	3.4	2.2	2.8
SPG	        1	1.5	1.3	1.2	0.6	1.1
BPG	        0.4	0.2	0.1	0.2	0.3	0.2
FG%	        					0.451
FT%		        				0.829
3PT%			        			0.247

Kurt Rambis	Year 1	Year 2	Year 3	Year 4	Year 5	5 Year Avg
PPG	        5.5	5.7	4	11.1	6.2	6.5
RPG	        7	5.8	3.8	9.4	7.1	6.6
APG	        0.9	0.8	0.8	2.1	1.8	1.3
SPG	        0.9	0.9	0.6	1.3	1.4	1.0
BPG	        0.4	0.5	0.2	0.8	0.5	0.5
FG%	        					0.532
FT%	        					0.730
3PT%	        					0.000

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The Charlotte Bobcats

Line Up:

PG Andre Miller/ Mogusey Bouges
SG Byron Scott/ Doug Christie/ Steve Kerr
SF Keith Van Horn/ Toni Kukoc
PF Mychal Thompson/ Joe Smith
C Elden Campbell/ Tom Owens

Offense: Offensively, this team will be running the break as often as possible. The Bobcats would like to consider themselves a non-allstar equivalent to the early 2000's New Jersey Nets. Andre Miller will handle the rock but Mychal Thompson will run the high post as well when forced into a half court game. Van Horn is a known three point specialist and Byron Scott averaged over 20 ppg even with such teamates as Jabbar and Magic demanding most of the offensive attention. Elden Campbell will be manning the down low, using his back to the basket play to earn this team baskets. This team has more than its fair share of 3 point specialists and will be able to space the court well or make their defenders pay the price. Coming off the bench, comes another load of three point shooters, including Steve Kerr, who recorded the highest 3 % percentages in history. Mogusy Bouges is a bit of a size match up problem but his quickness and un orthodox style of play make him a near impossible defensive assignment. Low post play definetly suffers after the substitutions, but this is negated by Mychal's ability to cover the C position when Elden needs rest.

Defense: While not a lockdown team, this team has more than its fair share of defensive stoppers. Doug Christie is one of the great perimeter defenders and Andre Miller hold his own in that respect as well. Mychal Thompson is an energetic hustle player with great man D while Campbell is a known shot blocker. Rebounding for this team will not come as a problem as KVH, Thompson and Campbell have all recorded multiple season of 9 or more rebounds per game. The defense will be focused on limiting second chance points and setting up the outlet pass.

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Thanks to the three community mods for their write-ups, I expected nothing less!

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Sheesh, where are the others? C'mon, already!
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