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Not sure how many people give a toss, but still, :jawdrop: .

A select few of us over on ESPN (i.e. 3 people :headbang: ) formed a fan base following Norm Richardson, similar to those two weirdos who follow Rick Brunson everywhere, except this was more of a passive sitting-down type fanbase.

After Norm, or as he was quickly dubbed, "N" (in "Q" fashion) played his way out of the NBA in the Bulls 2002 summer league team, we tracked his career and the directions it took him in.

After his poor summer league with the Bulls, he went back to Indiana to play for theirs. He didn't make the team.

Now short of an NBA team, Norm didn't give up hope, and went to Italy to play for Scacolini Pesaro. He did pretty well, playing slightly out of position at small forward, but in January 2003 he left the team after having received an offer from an American team, which is where he wanted to be.

That team, the North Charleston Lowgators of the NBDL, also insisted on playing him out of position, at point guard. He started out well, but eventually became a bit part player, and got cut before the end of the season.

N then disappeared off the map for two months, before rematerialising in the 2003 NBA summer leagues with Milwaukee. He played really, really well there, at his natural position of shooting guard for a change. Starting out as a bench player, in the 12 Bucks summer league games he was soon enough starting over Alex Scales :worship: and averaging Pippen-esque numbers. He didn't make the Milwaukee team, but he came bloody close. He did well enough to make the Portland Trailblazers training camp, but got cut before preseason games started.

Norm then went a bit quiet before signing for Crvena Zvedza (or as English speakers know them as, Red Star Belgrade) in Serbia just before Christmas. He started out on a trial but won his spot, and was a key starter/contributor on their Cup winning team. It was arguably the greatest moment of his life, and of mine.

But then, immediately after winning the Cup final, Norm Richardson retired from the professional basketball circuit, to become a businessman. He was only 24. :cry:

So here's a very short and very crap little tribute to the great career of Norm Richardson.

:worship: :worship: :worship:



That's it. I'm done. I now fully await this post to trickle off the bottom of the page.
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