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I think everyone still thinks we're supposed to be the dominating team we were supposed to be a few years ago. We do have our ups and downs, but we have to know that we were 3rd last last year. And the fact that we're in playoff contention right now is an improvement. We're not that team that was supposed to be at the top of the eastern conference.
We do have talent, not a great amount of talent but we do, BUT we can't expect the raptors to be a top 4 eastern conference team.
Do i get frustrated by their performances? Yes i do, in fact it's gotten to the point where if i miss a game i don't care. BUt let's give them some slack, new coach, new players, new system.
Carter isn't the big time scorer he was a couple of years ago, don't know if he'll ever be like that again. But we should be happy that he didn't turn into a penny or hill. Penny, a big time star who became almost a nobody b/c of his knee injuries. Hill, another big time star who might not ever play again b/c of his injuries.
It is very frustrating, how we don't get a complete effort every single game, but at least we're not the bulls... who were predicted to be the next big thing, and are now at the bottom of the pack. Sure we'd love to be in the position the bucks are in, overacheiving like a biatch, and the nuggets, but we average, and that's a WHOLE lot better than last year.
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