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2nd round picks

I post this message long after the 2nd round took place, but make my responses on who will have the best NBA careers of those that were taking in te 2nd round.

Both Steve Logan and Roger Mason are going to get minutes quick not only because that they played for bad teams but because the teams that they play for are slim in those positions. But Mason in my mind has the greater advantage if the Bulls trade away Jamal Crawford. Even though I've always loved the heart of Logan everyone has always unestimated the way this guy is capable of playing and I think that the ony way Logan will play for GS is when they are out of playoff contention. GS does look pretty formidable with 3 key guys that are Jay Richarson, Antwan Jamision, and Mike Dunleavy. You always gotta give praise to Carlos Boozer who every one says is too small but will work at his game. The guy with the most potential upside is Rod Gizzard who shouldve stayed another year in Albama. The thing that hurt his chances is the way that bama went out of the NCAA tourna. These 4 players are the possible people that will show teams that the 2nd round is just as important as the 1st.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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