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Forget 57 regular-season wins for the Nuggets. That's not going to happen. But here is the real goal for the local NBA team:

No more wimpy basketball.

The Nuggets have a new way to play.

"Smashmouth basketball," new Denver coach Brian Shaw said.

I asked Shaw to define his terms. What qualifies as smashmouth basketball?

"Smashmouth means that you are literally going to get your mouth smashed if you're going against us for a rebound or a loose ball," Shaw said. "We want to have a nasty disposition, both offensively and defensively."

Shaw is not a smarter coach than his predecessor, George Karl.

But here's betting Shaw will be a tougher coach than Karl.

Karl beat cancer. Twice. So props to him for a huge personal victory.

In Denver, however, Karl's teams looked for a soft spot to land in the playoffs, and set up excuses to all but guarantee an early exit from the postseason would happen.

There has been way too much hand-wringing about the departure of Andre Iguodala, who never really wanted to be in Denver from the jump. I say: Good riddance. He always was impeccably dressed. It was a sweet suit he wore to the team bus after the Nuggets were eliminated by Golden State in the opening round of the playoffs.

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Wow, alright B Shaw. I like the attitude. Kenneth Faried has quickly become the heart and soul of that team. I'm sure he'll buy in to that philosophy along with hard-nosed guys like Lawson and Foye and snarling guys like Gallo and Nate Rob. I just hope guys like JJ Hickson, Timofey Mozgov, Evan Fournier, and Professor Andre Miller buy in as well.
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