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The translation to English is poor, but it looks like Eurobasket is reporting that Sylbrin Robinson and Javorie Wilson are playing for a Portugese team from the Azores. The site is

"Lusitania Angra Património Mundial is also working - Sep. 3, 2004 - by Hugo Costa

11 new players, 9 departures. That's how the team from Azores lived theses past cuple of months. Joao Manuel (190-G-79) (ex. Benfica), Joao Rocha (200-F-75) (ex. FC Porto), Carlos Dias (198-F/C-80) (ex. Seixal), Hugo Pedrosa (191-G-81) (ex. Barreirense) and young Dédalo Enes, promoted from the youth team are the portuguese players, along with Samuel Moreira (189-G-77), the only player who continues in the team.
From Northeastern Univertsity (NCAA) arrived Sylbrin Robinson (201-F-80, agency: Passing Lane) and Javorie Wilson (196-F/G-80), who joined Greg Helmer, Konrad Tota (196-F), Dragoslav Markovic (205-C-73) and pointer guard Nemanja Danilovic (192-G-71). The team will stay in the Terceira island till the 16th of September, going after that to Costa da Caparica where they'll proceed the preparation, participating in the Almada Tournament. Coach Alberto Carvalho , in his 4th season in the LCB with Lusitania, is very happy with the new squad."
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