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1) His uniqueness.
2) His idea of good Ice Cream isn't what everyone elses is.
3) Basketball
4) Pop/Soft Rock
5)King of the Hill
6) Hoop Dreams
7) Avril Lavigne
8) Basketball, videogames (although I've played very lightly recently, but thats mainly beacuse most of the new games suck),
9) Samsung LG something
10) My balls are the size of a kiwi. (each one individually).

Through The Wire
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answer these questions

1) What do you like about o.iatl: He thinks Capital Punishment is dope

2) what do you hate about o.iatl: he reps the dirty dirty

3) whats your favorite sport: Basketball

4) favorite type of music: Hip-hop

5)Favorite T.v show: George Lopez

6) favorite movie: Superbad

7) who's your celeberty crush (if you have one): Crush: Jessica Simpson **** Buddy: Amy Reid

8) what are your hobbies: playing basketball, hanging with friends

9) what type of cell phone do you have: nextel

10) tell us something diffrent about you: i'm the coolest person on this site
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