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I don't remember who stated it, oh yeah, I believe it was Jalen Rose.....and a few of our posters......

The need to have some vets on this team is never more obvious. Curry and Chandler are going to have some rough games. I feel comfortable with Fizer and know that he can push Chandler for time and fill in when Chandler is having foul trouble or just doesn't have his A game.

On the other hand, we are DESPERATE at the Center spot. If CUrry is having foul trouble or a bad game,we have Bags and/or Chandler. That is not very reassuring. I was, and still am a supporter of using Chandler at the C on occassion, but am becoming concerned that Curry may develop Fizer like tendancies (Greaat Offense, no Rebounding). I really hope we pick up a Vet C, even more so than a vet PG. We need someone who can go in and settle down the middle.

On a side note, rebounding is very much about positioning. It appeared often last year that Curry and Chandler would get themselves out of position and either miss the rebound or get it on pure athleticism. I was really hoping that working with Bill would get Curry into a defensive mindset.

Time will tell..........Not panicing, just observing.
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