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Wynn said:
Okay, I don't do this much, but it's slow day in the life of the Bull.

I was speculating, now that a year has passed, on the trade of Mr. Ed. I was thinking (in my own special way of thinking), that even Ed's biggest detractors had to like the kid. He always had an agreeable personality, and he's awfully big. I was even in favor of signing him to a reasonable 3 or 4 year contract (given the heart issues). I also agree with those who feel that Mr. Ed is not nearly the player on the Knick that he would have been had he stayed with the Bull this season. Also, now that he has had a year outside of dodge, Mr. Ed may have realized that the Bull wasn't such a bad situation for him, either.

So I started thinking about offering the Knick a mulligan on that trade. I think that shortly after Isaiah is removed from office at Knick Central this summer, Pax should call the new GM (Larry Brown?) with an offer. Now as with any mulligan, it will involve a small penalty. Pax should offer to give the Knick back their pick in return for Mr. Ed (at $4.5/year with raises), Jamal (at $3.5/year with raises), and David Lee. This will give the Knick more opportunity to feature Channing Frye and Jackie Butler in the front court, will clear some of the log jam in the front court, and will give them that lottery shot they had given up. It also gives them some salary relief and opens up their roster for some more SUPERSTARS like Jalen, Starbury, and Franchise.

For us, it gives us a more mature pair in Ed and Jamal, and a nice prospect at PF to boot. We miss out on a top pick, but still get our first rounder and still have room to sign AH or Gooden. Ultimately, our roster becomes:

Kirk, Chris, Jannero
Ben, Jamal
Luol, Andres
Al, SWilliams (draft), David Lee, Darius
Ed, Tyson, AD

Go ahead, slice me up. I think it would be fun, though!
I'm not quite sure what it would do for us on the basketball court (probably back up to 47+ wins), but it would do wonders for bulls unity. But then of course, we will have found another issue to have conflict with and divide ourselves over.
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