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Official RMR Bulls vs Phoenix 7/21

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lol, I'm bringing back the official threads folks! what a blast from the past. Hopefully this will keep all info on this game in the same place. I'm sure this will make several people happy.

With a day off between Friday's game and today, the team has had a full day to practice and work out the kinks. And those kinks reside on both the offensive and defensive end. The big news... JWIll is slated to make his official debut for the Bulls. And all eyes will be on JWill. I can't wait. Craw traveled to Seattle yesterday to attend his sister's wedding, but will be returning in time for today's game.

Meyers mentioned that on the offensive end, he's giving his players the freedom to do their own thing. This hands-off approach will continue to reveal the inexperience of JC, Chandler, and Curry, but it's exactly what they need to go through in order to gain experience. He mentioned this freedom will be restricted during the regular season when the full roster is present. This is their time to shine. Make it happen baby Bulls!!
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The game is listed at 4 pm on the Rocky Mountain Revue site which I assume is Rocky Mountain Daily Savings Time which would be 5 pm Central Daylight Savings Time.
Thanks for the report settinUpShop. The final outcome is not a major concern to me. The main thing is the learning process.
The mere fact that this was Jay Williams first semi organized game as a Bull, is enough to let you know its a part of learning and not written in stone. It takes an absolute minimum of a half NBA season for new teammates to learn about each other, let alone 19 and 20 year old kids.
Originally posted by HoosyerDaddy55
Interesting, so it looks like Bagaric is his same ol' clueless self. Hard fouls, dumb thinking. Man!!! Who were the Bulls players that did the best? Or that were the most noticable.
This is why spamming other boards for new members is not a good idea.
Originally posted by 7thwatch
ya you think Krause would get the hint - 1st half no triangle we kick butt 2nd half triangle we get our butts kicked royally by a bunch of scrubs, not to mention what an actual nba team would do. If we run the triange alot during the season . . . be prepared for the worst, it will be the death of our team.
This is why spamming other boards for new members is not a good idea.
Originally posted by HoosyerDaddy55

What was the problem with my comment? Hating on Bagaric for his play? Or is it that I asked who he thought played the best?

Quite sorry that I asked a question.
Making major judgements on what amounts to a glorified scrimmage that doesn't even mean as much as a meaningless exhibition game is seriously over judging things.
Originally posted by HoosyerDaddy55

It's a summer league. The point is to make judgments on the players. It's a player's chance to show how good he is. Krause is there to see how his players do. He probably was disappointed with the way Bagaric played. Especially when you did as bad as Bagaric did last year. He is still doing the same ol' things.... hard fouls, ignorant moves. You have got to question his fundamental knowledge. I guess you can't criticize play on this board.
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. wrong, wrong, wrong
trueblue, tried responding to your pm, your mailbox is full, but the gist of my reply is okay.
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