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I've been thinking and have come up with the following ideas/conclusions.

At Point Guard: Rumors say that three young PG's is too many and one will be moved. I've decided that Jack is to be the PG traded this offseason. Telfair remains as starter. Blake is the ultimate back/up PG, low $, high IQ, simple solid player. Dixon (under contract for 2 more) can play the third PG in a pinch. Jack has more trade value than Blake. We pick up veteran PG on downside of career to ride the pine waiting for injuries.

At Shooting Guard: Webster is really playing with more confidence of late, good shooting stroke, and getting better at putting the ball on the floor and driving to the basket. Dixon is also playing with alot of confidence and other tangibles. His only weakness is his height. Webster to start, Dixon the back/up. Might need an insurance player here as well.

At Small Forward: The position which doesn't yet have an owner!! Miles has failed to secure. Outlaw has failed to secure. Khryapa has shown great skill at all facets of the game. If he adds a consistent shot from outside - he'll be a great back/up or occasional starter quality 3. I think drafting Morrison for this spot is our best fit/need. Morrison is a Jim Paxson type scorer. Off picks, screens, rolls, half-way penetrations, etc. Anywhere from 20ft and in. Morrison and Webster on the court at the same time - would really stretch the defense.

At Power Forward: Zach is there. He needs another year to determine whether he can adapt enough to fit this team. So far, he's too interested in scoring and not interested in defense and rebounding, blocking out or passing. I am not convinced he is the future of this team. But, its too early to give up. Skinner is a nice back/up forward/center (if he isn't starting at center-by default). He does all things well. Khyapa can play spot minutes at back/up at this position, but is limited in effectiveness at this position.

At Center: Joel will explore other locations and will be tempted by bigger dollars being thrown his way. I don't think he'll be back unless Miles and Theo are traded. I hope they can be. Jalen Rose would be a nice contract in return for summer of '07. Ha is still a learning back/up or project. Who would play center for us if Joel left via free agency?? Who knows.

Zach, Miles, Theo, Outlaw, Jack - ALL TRADE BAIT. What assets could we get to improve our front line for these players?
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