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I really liked the game last night. It was a shame that we lost. But there is something of a trend that I've noticed the last couple games. We have some decent outside shooters. I would like to get even better here. You have your strong inside presence and then surround them with quality and capable outside shooters. Webster is a goldmine just getting ready to blow up. Voshon was a good addition for a veteran. Blake and Telfair can decently hit the outside shot if they need to.

I liked the offence when seemed to move and flow better. There was more picking for players, but even then they seemed a little off with it. Having not played the same style all season I'm sure it was a bit of an adjustment. In this running and gunning style you score swiftly, on fast breaks, often from outside.

So what would I do as a GM?

First thing I would do is explore my options for picking up either Garnett or O'Neal. They would be my initial prioreties before the draft. I would dangle any combination of Randolph, Miles, Blake, Dixon, Ha, Outlaw, Khryapa, Skinner that worked and that that Minn or Indiana would agree too. Randolph is from near Indi and it's always like a home coming when we play there. I bet he would like it. So why not swap PF's? Both have had a bit of issue with health. Both are still solid players.

With Miles, I would trade him for Vets. experianced players who have been in the league a while, were never superstars who excell at what they do. This is a Robert Horry type player. Maybe not that old though. :)

For the draft I would pick up Morrison, I'm going to just assume that we get the #1 pick and have our absolute first choice. From what I've seen Morrison is a grade AA shooter/scorer. I like the idea of teaming him with Webster, Telfair, and a solid inside power forward, and a defensive Center. It creates a nice balance to the game, inside scoring, outside scoring, speedy penetration and defense at the basket.

I would try and resign Joel, but if he cannot be wooed back seeing the moves that we are making then I would let him go. I would probably include Joel in the talks of what the team was doing this summer. Let him give his input on the players that we were looking at. In doing so, not to say he was making the decision, but to show him just how serious we were at changing the attitude of the team and put together a solid squad. That might just be the piece that would get him to resign with us despite the way this season has shaken down.

Come Mid July, I wouldn't be waiting till the end of the summer to make trades and higher free agents, I would have my team roster set. I would put our youth who are elegible together in as many summer leagues as we can get away with. Get them together, with the Portland playbook and get them playing together. Telfair, Jack, Webster, Morrison, Victor. That is nearly a full starting lineup. Tell them to run and gun. I want to see an offense that pushes the ball, traps, passes, cuts and screens. This unit should be able to score. In summer league, webster, Telfair, and Morrison should average mid teens to mid twenties in points per game. I want to see the flash return to Telfair and strong stability from Jack. Play up their strengths.

So for next season we have this:
Introducing your new Portland Trailblazers Starting Lineup.

G: Telfair
SG: Webster
SF: Morrison
PF: Garnett
C: Pryz

G: Jack
SG: Solid Vet #1 (defensive), Lenard
SF: Kryhapa, Solid Vet #2
PF: Skinner
C: Theo, Ha

These are the key players, anyone else is just filler. I really think if we pushed for Garnett that that alone would be enough incentive for Pryz to resign with us. Moving Zach and Miles will show the attitude that we want to have. Now I like Zach, I think he could still fit with our team. Miles...he just flat has to go.
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