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I think it's a huge mistake to get rid of Jack. I'd keep Blake and Jack move Telfair back east. You don't trade a big strong PG like Jack for an undersized defensive liabilty like Telfair. Have we learned nothing from the Damon years? Sure Telfair can pass like crazy and he's super quick but so was Damon and he had a better shot. The problem is when the games on the line taller PG's will post Telfair up and abuse him and get the foul. With Jack they'll look to pass. I'd keep Blake cause he'll work so damn hard just to be in the league that effort will never be in question. I'd say the same for Jack. You see how both Jack and Blake are always looking to Nate to learn? That's a good sign!

As for Darius, ZBO, Theo, Dixon and Joel I think move them and don't look back. Low IQ or injury prone does not make for a good team.

Keep Outlaw, Webster, Jack, Blake, Skinner then hit the free agent market and the draft.
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