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OK I never saw any of the oldtimers play in the flesh but have seen a bunch of tape over the years

There are aspects of Ben's offensive game that are quite classic in the old school way

1. I can't think of anyone in the NBA right now that gets as much arc on their J which always gives you the chance for the shooter's roll

2. Those teardrops and the leaning scoops on the drive

3. That upright two step dribble drive floater shot has me thinking about Cousy, Havilceck and Rick Barry who had that shot down pat

Add to this a modern day explosivity and strength ... and this is a guy that is a real interesting mix of the best of the old school moves and modern day flair

He's quite extraordinary and I'm not quite sure whether we all realise exactly who we have in what he's going to be

Very premature I know ... but he could very well develop into one of the genuine greats
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