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Omar Cook is currently leading the NBDL in apg with 8.7 per game. The top 10 are...

1. Omar Cook 8.7 apg
2. Kareem Reid 7.0 apg
3. Tierre Brown 6.9 apg
4. Marque Perry 6.2 apg
5. Mateen Cleaves 5.9 apg
5. Brandin Knight 5.9 apg
7. Jeff Myers 4.5 apg
7. Derrick Zimmerman 4.5 apg
9. Jason Miskiri 3.6 apg
10. Erick Barkley 3.3 apg

Cook is also leading the NBDL in spg with 2.5 per game. The top 10 are...

1. Omar Cook 2.5 spg
2. Brandin Knight 2.1 spg
3. Tierre Brown 1.9 spg
4. Desmond Penigar 1.7 spg
5. Marque Perry 1.6 spg
6. Jason Capel 1.5 spg
6. Ronald Dupree 1.5 spg
6. Ime Udoka 1.5 spg
9. Erick Barkley 1.3 spg
9. Greg Stevenson 1.3 spg
9. Jeff Myers 1.3 spg

Cook has gotten 13 assists in a game three times so far.

Cook's overall stats
10.4 ppg
3.7 rpg
8.7 apg
2.5 spg
0.2 bpg
3.3 tpg
.360 FG%
.121 3pt% (4-33)
.780 ft%
40.7 mpg

Since Frank Williams is probably the team's last good asset (and most likely to be traded), I'm hoping that the team will sign Cook to be the 3rd string to replace him. He'd easily be the 2nd best passer on the team. Cook is like Mark Jackson without a jumpshot. Great leader and amazing passer. He could turn into an Eric Snow type with Marbury if he develops a bit more.

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so basically hes jamal tinsley right now.

I like Omar obviously, but im more confident in Frank...but if he gets traded then i would definitely take him. Id rather have Hatten though. Now that guy would bring some intensity to the team cause he has that never give up attitude. Omar just let his stjohns team lose. Hatten took a crappy team to the tournament then another crappy team to the nit championship over our beloved mike sweetney. and he can develop point guard skills with our coach,isaiah and stephon since that was the biggest knock on him.

then again im biased,and i never liked Cooks decision to leave early..............

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Didnt Tierre Brown get signed by the Hornets today?
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