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On the 30th August 1953 Robert Parish was born in in Shreveport, Louisiana
Robert Parish, a C, had a long and ilustrious career in the NBA, playing 1611 regular season games, averaging 14.5ppg (.537FG%) / 9.1rpg / 1.4apg / 1.5bpg, winning 3 ½ championships.
He also pissed me off (more on that later).
In 1996 he was voted as one of the 50 greatest players ever:
Inducted in the HOF in 2003
Why should we care?
Before he went nuts, Parish had a very interesting career, beginning in Golden State, where he played in the Rick Barry-led Warriors. They were an interesting team (Barry, Silk) and, with Parish subbing Clifford Ray, even went to game 7 of the 1977 WCF (Lakers).
Then the Celtics raped the NBA, acquiring Parish and the 1980 1st round draft pick (turned out to be Kevin freaking McHale) for 2 1st round picks (turned out to be Joe Barely Cares and Rickey Brown).
Paired with McHale and a certain Hick from French Lick, he was the starting C for the 3-time champions Celtics, earning multiple ASG selections and 2 All-Nba Team votes along the way.
Then he went crazy.
Obsessed with KAJ’s record (not the first time a Celtic has penis-envy regarding a Laker) Robert Parish prolonged unnecessarily his career with stints with Charlotte (as a scrub sub) and Chicago (where they say he won a championship), making a fool of himself and tarnishing his legacy.
Enough already!
Robert Parish was nicknamed “The Chief” by Cedric Maxwell, after the character Chief Bromden of the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
He was also a stoner:
Fought like a girl (0:17)

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Hey, what else would you expect from the Chief but a tomahawk chop to the head?

Also, I'll point out that Joe Barely Cares was pretty good pre-injury, and the draft day trade was pretty fair, Parish & #3 in what was perceived as a two player draft for #1 & #13 was pretty fair. Boston got lucky when Utah ignored the other guy in favour of the flashy guard from Louisville. It would have been a three player draft but Ronnie Lester's knee was held together by duct tape and baling wire by the time he got to the NBA.

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I have fond memories of Parish playing with the Celtics when I was a kid. I would even incorporate his unique shooting style into my own game on the basketball court.

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