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One of the best teams to never win a NBA championship

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I never hear about the 1992-1993 Phoenix Suns team being recognised for the great season that they had. They ended the 1992-93 season with the leagues best record and took the Bulls to 6 games in the 1993 NBA Finals. On the way they came back from 2 nil down in the first round against the Lakers to win in five, then beat the Spurs, with David Robinson, then the Sonics in the conference finals. The Finals series against the Bulls were all great games, with the Suns winning game three in triple overtime. Anyway, this was the season that Barkley was league MVP, whereby he led the Suns in Rebounds, points and assists. Remember that this was his first year in Phoenix after the Suns stole him from Philadelphia. The lineup of the team was:
Centre - Oliver Miller
Power Forward - Charles Barkley
Small Forward - Richard Dumas
Shooting Guard - Dan Majerle
Point Guard - Kevin Johnson
Bench Frank Johnson, Cedric Ceballos, Mark West, Tom Chambers,Danny Ainge.
Now the back court rocked with KJ tearing up, driving dishing and scoring. Now back in this season, Barkley was actually handling the ball as much as KJ as a point forward. Dan Majerle was the set down town shooter launching three point bombs from everywhere. Richard Dumas was the guy responsible for finishing the fast break along with Barkley, with great support from Danny Ainge and Frank Johnson as reserves.This team in my opinion was so close to winning a championship it is not funny. I cannot find a weakness in that team, besides the centre combination of Miller and West. The bottom line is that no-one could stop Jordan in that series. In the first two games, Majerle was getting killed by Jordan, then Westphal pulled a surprise in game three and put KJ on Jordan, which helped to reduce his numbers and efficiency somewhat, but Jordan posted him up using his 5 inch advantage. When all is said and done, this team remains one of my all time favourites of recent years. they were just an exciting team to watch. It was also Barkleys's best chance to win his first NBA ring and he went so close and the team played so hard in those 6 games. Does anyone else remember that year that the Phoenix Suns had, when they dominated??
PS What would be great is if we had a NBA classic forum whereby we can talk about all the great games and great teams of the past, without having to post it in the current NBA forum. This is just a suggestion!
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I think that some of the best teams that never won a title were the 60's Lakers. Baylor,West(he won one in the 70's) etc..
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