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One on Ones

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Caron Butler vs. Qyntel Woods -- Butler

Nene Hilario vs. Chris Wilcox -- Wilcox

Jay Williams vs. Frank Williams -- Williams, lol

Jiri Welsh vs. Chris Jeffries -- Welsh

Jared Jeffries vs. Amare Stoudamire -- Jeffries, hes a little older

DaJuan Wagner vs. Dan Dickau -- Wagner
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Caron Butler vs. Qyntel Woods- Winner: Now it'd be Caron, but in the future it's gotta be Qyntel!

Nene Hilario vs. Chris Wilcox- Winner: Wilcox

Jay Williams vs. Frank Williams- Winner: Williams would win! lol.

Jiri Welsch vs. Chris Jeffries- Winner: Welsch

Jared Jefferies vs. Amare Stoudemire- Winner: Stoudemire

Dajuan Wagner vs. Dan Dickau- Winner: Wags wins, not even close.
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