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Orlando Magic Trade...

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Knicks Get:
Darrel Armstrong
Don Reid

Kurt Thomas
Larry Robinson

Works for both team. Knicks get more of an upbeat PG, also free up space for Wilcox and the Magic get more of an inside presence so they can spend thier draft pick and a PG.

C-Marcus Camby
PF-Chris Wilcox
SF-Latrell Sprewell
SG-Allan Houston
PG-Darrell Armstrong

C-Steven Hunter
PF-Kurt Thomas
SF-Grant Hill
SG-Tracy McGrady
PG-Dan Dickau
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Any of you gentlemen with Insider accounts want to share the login/password with us? I'm po' and can't afford such luxeries
So nobody wants to share their insider info with us less fortunate people?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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