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What would he do when he was with us???

More evidence that Ron Artest is getting more of a grip on his emotions could be seen recently in Dallas. The disappointment is that one of the funniest episodes of the season happened more than an hour before tipoff, when only a handful of fans were there to witness it.
As Artest and a few Pacers teammates warmed up for an eventual Jan. 9 road win over the Mavericks, two local basketball talk-show hosts -- Ben and Skin, as they're known -- were invited to the in-house microphone to preview the game. Ben fancies himself as the best white freestyle rapper in town, and was rather easily prodded into showing off his skills for the early arrivals at American Airlines Center.
"On the post-game show, we break it down ...

"And tonight we got Indiana in town ...

"They've got a nice squad, O'Neal is a beast ...

"But let's not forget that they play in the East...

"Now they come to Dallas and want a taste ...

"Keep in mind Artest is a total head case."

Rogers had been warned before he started that Artest was only about 75 feet away, at the other end of the floor. But there was no cause for alarm. Jermaine O'Neal and Al Harrington were also in close proximity and howled at Artest's expense, but The New Ron later revealed that he liked the lyrics.
"That was funny," Artest said. "It was a nice rhyme. That big guy had a nice flow. He had to be practicing."
Asked, just for clarification, if it bothers him that so many folks are waiting for slipups, Artest added: "Doesn't bother me at all. It's always fun to be in the media."
Funny stuff.

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