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Okay everyone, I know that if anyone here can help me out, it has to be someone on this board. I have been playing in a ESPN fantasy basketball league and I am at a FORK in the road. (Yeah it was a phun)

This is my line up as of today, 01/30/04.

Gary Payton
Bonzi Wells :eek: (Yes, Bonzi Wells Ed)
Zach Randolph
Tim Duncan
Ben Wallace
Chris Bosh
Jason Richardson
Darrell Armstrong
Kirk Hinrich
Carmelo Anthony
Reggie Miller
Rashard Lewis

(IR) Dajuan Wagner

Wagner is playing now and is putting up some good numbers now, but if I move him off the IR I will have to drop a player. Everyone on my roster is on a tear, what should I do?

I have tried to pull off a two for one deal and get a better player back, but no one in the league is interested in trading. I offered Payton and Wells for Jason Terry and a scrub that I was going to just drop and was told that it wasn't enough.

Should I just stay with the line up that I have now and press on waiting for someone to drop far enough in production to waive them? I would hate to get nothing for any of my players and I know as soon as I drop one they are going to be picked up faster then you can say RIP CITY!


Thanks for listening to me! :)

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Let 'er ride. Keep making trade offers that will net you a better player for two of your own.

You're in no rush. If it were Ray Allen or Kevin Garnett on the IL, you'd have to do something soon. As it is, if you can keep Wagner on the IL, if/when someone gets injured you can just swap Wagner in for him.

Ed O.
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