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I'm amazed by sentiments like this:

(Thanks to the poster "bulls" who found it.)

"Jamison would be spectacular playing alongside Zach Randolph. He's a warrior. And a character guy. If this is really the trade on the table, taking Abdul-Wahad and his cumbersome four-year, $28 million contract is probably what's causing the Blazers to think twice."

The problem is not Antawn Jamison's contract, really, it's the fact that the Blazers would also have to take on 3 more years and 21 million dollars of salary for Tariq Abdul-Wahad. As we have learned from Eddie Robinson, these are the kind of contracts that ruin your cap situation. I think it's embarrassing that Mr. Canzano's empassioned trade column doesn't even include the words "salary cap" once.

Letting Sheed walk at the end of his contract is the kind of gutsy move that Leyden wasn't able to make in New York when Houston's contract came up. If the Blazers were able to step up to the plate and let him play out his contract, an whopping $17 would drop off their cap number. This offseason would see their salary structure drop from $86 million to an incredible $36 million, so they could actually be a player in the free agent market (note the expiring contracts of Dale Davis, Sabonis, Wesley Person, and SHAWN KEMP!)

Now I can't say that Krause's salary dumping netted us a big free agent. But trading a great player like Rasheed with an expiring contract of that girth might net you something very impressive in another year. Not this year, with Van Horn's giant contract and Jamison with anchors attached as compensation. As unpleasant as it must seem right now, Nash should let Rasheed play out his contract, maybe find a taker for the talented PR darling Reuben Patterson, and try to reshape the Blazer's image starting this offseason, not now.
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