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OT: LeBron James twists Ankle

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James landed awkwardly while being guarded by Tayshaun Prince on a three-point play late in the third quarter. The MVP candidate hopped on his right foot, keeping weight off his left foot, and was checked out on the court by Cavs athletic trainer Max Benton.
This sucks for the Cavs, hope its not too serious.
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OMG...bad news for Cavs..
he'll tough it out this kid is a soldier.

he is the type of player that will play off will alone. if need be he play on one leg.

a dying breed in the nba
He's listed as Day-to-Day
He'll be ready to battle come playoff time
and this is why you rest starters in the last games of the regular seaon, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU RISK INJURING YOURSELF for a virtually meaningless game.
This COULD affect his MVP bid. Hope he bounces back quick though.
them pistons, always injuring the other team's stars :curse:
jarkid said:
bad for cavs, but.... :angel:

Yeah i don't want to concede a better record to the Cavs either. The third seed should not be inferior to the 4th seed. Call me old-fashioned.
jarkid said:
bad for cavs, but.... :angel:
Terrible for Cavs, very bad for us. We would much rather face a tired Pistons in the ECF.

Since there is an infatuation with Wilcox on this board, I thought I'd mention that he twisted his ankle tonight against the Hornets. Don't know how serious it is (I didn't see it happen), but with 4 games remaining, it wouldn't surprise me if he sits out the rest of the season.
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