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OT: McDonald's Triple-Double Sandwich Commercial

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You can click on the link to view the commercial or right click and save it.

McDonald's triple-double campaign

Just out of curiousity, how many of you guys have had the triple-double burger? I've had it before a few times. It's not bad. You?
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Interesting going with Drew Gooden in this commercial. Wasnt it Drew Gooden and Tractor Traylor in the last McDonalds one?
^ Yeah. It was Gooden and Traylor. Wasn't Gooden holding the sandwich up and Tractor was jumping up and down trying to reach it? LOL I think that's how the last commercial went.
This crap kills more American then any terrorist could dream of doing
^ Add high corn frutose to that list as well. And there was some controversy about people not wanting to be required to label the ingredients in foods (I signed a petition on this).
I would never eat one of those. Id get sick as a mother.

I dont remember drew gooden ever getting a triple double before :D
Ever since I saw that movie "super-size me" I haven't had a bite of McDonalds.
^ Truth be told, it isn't just McDonald's but all fast food really. My brother has worked at every chain imaginable and says the same things about all of them.
I never eat mcdonalds anyways. I try to stay away from burgers and fries. I may have a burger once every two months
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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