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Since no one has Pmed me, thought I'd leave an announcement here :)

Hey, I can do what I want haha.

But post here if you're a fan of him and also agree with this...and want to join

I really think Gay would be more suited for NBA than he would be for college. I think that it hinders his offense. He's not a great shooter but he's pretty good, and has plenty of time to develop into a better shooter. But he'll be able to do a lot more than he does in NBA with athleticism or taking players off the dribble and also in the open court. And I think him being so passive subconsciously has to do with the players around him, and how talented Uconn is. I mean I've also seen him have a fiery attitude or passion before and he's also scored more frequently late part of the season.

here's a video clip with a bunch of amazing dunks too. if you search you can find more and also more on others gay
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