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Although the article says Detroit has the inside track, I think we are in the perfect position. According to this article, it's a 2 team market: Detroit and us. Undoubtedly Boras wrote this article himself, intending to scare the Cubs and make them increase their offer.

But it comes down to this: does Pudge want to come to Chicago to compete for another World Series, catching for the best staff in the league (with Maddux), playing with buddy Sammy Sosa, playing in Wrigley and living in Chicago, making less money........
play for the Tigers, the worst team in the league, with few fans, in a terrible city to live in, making a bit more money?

I like our chances. If he chooses Detroit, he is a boob and it says a lot about his character (assuming we don't low-ball him too much). I think he'll be the final piece to a championship team.
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