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Do you love Do you look forward to coming here and checking-up on your favourite sport? Are you sick of your stock avatar? is offering a great contest for new supporting members. If you become a supporting member, you will be entered into a contest in which you can win a jersey of your choice. You can rock a CB4 on Bloor, represent the Dogg Pound in the Sprite Zone with a JYD #13, or just enjoy any other jersey your heart desires.

To enter, you must join our site. For $10 a year (less than 3 cents a day), you can become a Supporting Member. As a supporting member, you get special privileges on, including:

...will receive a Supporting Member designation below your title.
...will have the option of customizing your title.
...can post a custom avatar that can be sized up to 120 pixels x 120 pixels (twice the size of our stock avatars).
...will have access to our "Supporting Members Only" forum, where you can...
- Play the Arcade, which includes Tetris, Pacman, Space Invaders, and Snake.
- Chat with other Supporting Members.
- Partake in discussion with other supporting members.
- Download free financial calculator software.
And by becoming a supporting member now, you are entered into yet another contest in which you can win a pair of tickets to see a Raptors home game in 2005! relies on it's community to keep the site running. Your ten dollars will go a long way.

Maintaining a bulletin board web site such as is becoming more of a challenge, principally through escalating server and bandwidth costs. Many well known sports bulletin boards have fallen by the wayside in recent years. As a result, more and more bulletin board web sites are asking their membership base to "pitch in" so the site can continue operations.
We need fifteen of our loyal Raptors fans to become supporting members in order to get a prize jersey. If we get fifteen of us signed-up, one of us WILL win a $69.99 USD jersey. Or, should you wish to get an authentic or rare jersey, will pay that same amount towards it, and you can cover the rest.

Let's show the other forums exactly why the Raptors board is the fastest-growing board in the whole community! A few people are already in the process of becoming SM's, so hurry up and be one of the first fifteen!

If you buy a Supporting Membership for yourself, you can increase your odds of winning the contest by buying one for someone else, too. Double your chances of winning by buying 2 SM's!

Feel free to contact me or any other moderator, community moderator, or admin for information. If you wish to become an SM, send an email to [email protected] and tell him you want-in!
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