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OT: The New NHL forum

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Hey guys,

I recently became a mod over in the NHL forum and would like to invite everyone to stop in and chat some hockey!

This is a very exciting time in the season with playoffs just around the corner, some teams are clawing their way in, while others seem to be packing it in early.

Anyways, we're trying to re-vamp the NHL forum, we know it's been a little rough going in the past, but we're going to make it rock.

We'll have fresh content daily, links to the info you need to know and special section dedicated the NHL stars of tomorrow!

The Thrashers kicks ***, the NHL forum should have Atlanta fans!

Check it out today!

Check out the 10,000 Ucash Hockey Trivia Challenge!

Just addded Hockey Questions thread
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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