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These guys were thought to be nothing more than expiring contracts when they were acquired by Paxson this summer. But on a team with 4 rookies, a 2nd-year player and a pair of 22-year-olds making up 7/8 of the main rotation, the fact that we have solid veterans at the 9-10-11 spots who can contribute something in a pinch has been a huge part of our bench being among the league's best (if not #1).

Pike has done his job, he's shooting over 40% on 3's and that's what he was brought in to do. He's not going to single-handedly win you any games, but most 10th men on the roster won't.

Othella's low post scoring, or more accurately his scoring from the 4/5 position, was vital to our last win vs Philly. He's had a few nice games filling in as a starter, and he has been all you could ask for in your #9 player who is 4th on the depth chart at PF/C.

Griff hasn't posted many stats, but even he has had a few nice hustle games- the win in Seattle comes to mind, we really turned that one around when he came in. None of us knows what goes on in the locker room, but I do know that the players thought enough of Griff to elect him as a captain, even though he rarely plays- he must be doing something to impress his teammates. For the 11th man, I think Griff has been all you could ask for.

As the only veterans on the team outside of AD, their experience could help us out a lot come playoff time. All 3 of these guys have been in the playoffs and our youngsters haven't.

I'm not saying we would suck without these guys, or anything else, implied or outright. Just some minor props to the 9-10-11 guys on the roster. They aren't glamorous and pretty, but they are doing their job, and they deserve some credit. I'm giving it.

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