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Ousmane Cisse

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I heard earlier in the Sixers tryouts for summer league teams that Cisse was impressive. He broke his nose but still had a good camp. The rumors were that he could end up on the Sixers regular season roster this year. I wonder if that is true now because Cisse has played in just one of three games in the summer league. I think Cisse will make people wish they drafted him in the lottery in a few years. Anyone know why he hasn't been playing?
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Originally posted by Odom07
Cisse was drafted in the 2nd round of last years draft, got hurt, then was let go!..he is right out of HS and needs a few years of learning to contribute
I agree he is a couple years away knowledge wise, but this guys physicality and mean streak cannot be taught. I dont want the sixers to let him go and in a couple years hes a monster for someone else
Originally posted by <b>bender</b>!
Cisse was listed at 6-9 (sometimes at 6-8 or even 6-7) when he entered the draft. Now he's listed as a 7-footer by Telebasket. Did he grow since he left the NBA?
He has grown he is a legit 6' 9 1/2
Originally posted by <b>bender</b>!

How do you know that?
I am friends with Tang Hamilton who was on the early sixers summer tryout roster and he is 6'10 1/2 out of shoes. Cisse was right up there standing next to him almost equaling in height so I know for a fact hes at least 6' 9 1/2 now
Originally posted by <b>jsa</b>!
Cisse did not get invited to the 76ers training camp, according to the 76ers media guide.
Yeah he didnt get invited to camp when its starts next month. What are the sixers doing. I really cant stand larry brown
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