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Out Loud: Luol Deng

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Deng gets his chance to talk to Mr. Rosenbloom:


Some highlights:

So many close games we lost this year and we look back and say, "Why?" We need to stop that. We just need to stay with it, be positive and play hard. We have to leave no regrets.
The hardest part was the language. You go from the Sudan to Egypt, then you have to learn Arabic. Then I go from there to London, you have to learn English. Then you go to high school in Jersey and you have to learn the new style at that school. I speak three languages: my tribal language, Dinka, Arabic and English.
Coach K was more laid back on game situations where coach Skiles is up on you on game situations. Both coaches, if you're not playing well, you're going to sit on the bench.
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Luol won't sit the bench for a long,long time.20pts 8rebs.Keep up the good work.Hands down he's the Bulls P.O.M.
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