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Tyson gets his time to chat with Steve:

I remember her walking in the wind, walking uphill, the wind's blowing, holding on to her purse, and working long hours, and I had to go to a friend's house to wait until she was done with work--just the struggle she went through to try to provide a better life for myself, the character, and how hard she worked at her job and how loyal she was to the company, it instilled a lot in me.

My grandmother from Day One had me in church. Being around all the stuff I had, you had to have religion and you had to have prayer, or I'd have gone insane. I saw people shot next to me. I witnessed prostitutes getting beat. Crackheads, people on drugs.

We have a great preacher here at the United Center that speaks to us before every game. It helps you get through a lot of stuff. It gives you a sound mind. I can't say I know the most, but I'm trying.

My biological father, I met him late in high school, my junior year. It is what it is. Even though it's your father, I don't know the man.

It definitely could be an angry thing. It started off that way. But I was raised that you've got to forgive and you can't have that hatred in your heart. Hearing preachers tell me that stuck with me. I don't have hatred in my heart against my biological father, but still, in saying that, there really wasn't a relationship there.
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