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Watch for an article on the young fellow soon. I just have this eerie feeling about him... like he's going to be the next Karl Malone. Or Anthony Mason on scoring steroids. I wanna hear more about him in Florida and I'm going to give the Star and the Front Office a call and see if I get anything more (doubt it). Plus, Sarasota isn't even an hour away, they probably work out with a dozen or so players. I might have to swing up there.

Everyone has their vision of this team. Question is; what is your vision? I haven't decided yet. Are we a young Piston's Bad Boys team. Possibly, right now I'm thinking more of 80's Celtics. Because you have a team that is centered around three All-Star caliber players and a pretty good point guard (Dennis Johnson). It's hard to make comparisons, but I was thinking... Miller-Bird (hall-of-famer elder statesmen), Kevin McHale-Harrington (surgeon in the post) and Parrish-O Neal (lethal big). This team also had a deep bench that included Danny Ainge and Bill Walton. WSe also have a very deep bench. I guess it really depends how quick Al and JO grow up. Will they both be solid All-Stars next year, even in Playoff play? Or is that a few years away? And when Reggie steps down, can anyone on this roster even halfway feel his shoes? Big questions. Any thoughts?
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