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A former Sacramento Kings employee says she was fired without cause. So, she's suing the organization and one of its players. But a video deposition released Tuesday could backfire on complainant.

Kings' guard Doug Christie and his wife, Jackie, along with their attorneys, held a news conference Tuesday to discuss the status of five charges laid out in a lawsuit by Stephanie Shepard -- a former Sacramento Kings media relations employee.

"Within the lawsuit were allegations of sexual harassment, gender discrimination, assault, interference with a contractual relationship and other causes of action," said the Christies' attorney, Bradley R. Marshall.

Marshall made the videotaped deposition available Tuesday. In it, Shepard admits that she lied on? her resume to the Kings, including false claims that she attended and graduated from? California State University, Sacramento, that she won the Miss Black Sacramento title, and that she won a NAACP scholarship. Armed with that information? , the Christies believe they have put a hole in Shepard's lawsuit.

"It's so false that, here recently, her lawyers, the very law firm that filed the allegations, has now withdrawn from the case," Marshall said.
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