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Let's face it. WE SUCK. Teams like Atlanta and Washington should not beat us. We as a team are too used to losing. Probably, not many of you agree with me but we need a new team - NEW IDENTITY.

We need to bring in someone like Pat Riley who can (180 Deg) change a team around. It took Pat only a year or so to completely reshape the Heat a few years ago. It also has taken him a couple years to reshape another Heat team. He is good with big guys (Curry and Chandler).

Pat can come in to coach, GM, or do watever. Or if he wants to, he can do them all. Personally, I was a big fan of Chicago Bulls. I am still a big fan. I still try to catch many of their games on WGN or in Indianapolis. But I am tired of losing. We are not even competitive. I want something that i can brag with my drinking buddies, classmates, or whoever. Now, a lot of the people that i know ask me the same question "DID YOUR TEAM WIN LAST NIGHT?" with a rediculous smile on their faces.

I think Pat can come in and make some trades and we will be a different team -- certainly improvement. Well, we can't be worst.


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