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One of the biggest questions surrounding the Wizards' offseason surrounds on what Paul Pierce will do this offseason. After their Game 6 loss to the Atlanta Hawks in the second round of the playoffs, it seemed as if he would retire, based on what he said in postgame interviews.

However, now that he has had a little time to reflect on things, The Truth may play next season after all. But it appears that he is considering a return to his hometown of Los Angeles to play for the Clippers, according to a column by TNT/'s David Aldridge earlier this week:

The Wizards could stand pat if Pierce decides to return to D.C. next season rather than opt out of his deal, but many around the league believe Pierce will do just that and finish his career back home in Los Angeles with the Clippers.

There are certainly reasons why the Clippers are a good fit for Pierce. First, he will be reunited with head coach Doc Rivers, whom he played for with the Boston Celtics where they won an NBA championship in 2008. Second, the Clippers are also a team that is looking for a veteran player who has Finals experience which Pierce has, and he could fit in nicely at either forward position.

For the Wizards, losing Pierce would be a blow of course. But at the same time, the team does need to get a bit younger. In addition, Otto Porter showed during the playoffs that he very close to being ready to be a full-time starter at the small forward position if he isn't already.
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