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Originally posted by bluemagic
The Magic and Doc Rivers has said he expect to have a great bench next year with Mike Miller, Pat Garrity, and Darrell Armstrong, in other words, the PG that they are looking for this summer is along the lines of Erick Strickland. They will not get a true PG, or anyone who is going to demand money. Grant Hill isn't going to be the starting PG, he's going to be a point forward, him and McGrady having the offense run through them. They are looking for a guard to start with McGrady and Hill, that doesn't have to dribble the ball to be successful, is a good tough defender of PG's, and can spot up and shot.

Even with all those things said, expect Miller to be traded, probably along with Declerq & Reid to Atlanta for Mohammed.

the top six or seven free agent PGs are Chauncey Billups, Jeff McInnis, Travis Best, Jacque Vaughn, Chris Childs, Greg Anthony

I think Best will go to Miami, Billups to Detroit, McInnis to LA Lakers....

then the notables are Earl Watson and Kevin Ollie, and I expect them both to resign with their teams from a year ago.

Strickland isn't a PG, but with his defense, and McGrady and Hill being the creators that the offense runs through, he fits in the starting lineup. Whoever said Hill can't guard PG's is right, especially with all the trouble he's had with his ankle, the Magic wouldn't even risk it. Mike Miller can't either, and McGrady can, but he did with Baron Davis, and it was good defense, but not the same as him guarding SG's.

The best thing that could happen to the Magic is if Grant and Ewing retire, they unload Declerg and Reid, ang bring in someone like Jerome James, and whatever big man they can trade Mike Miller for.
This was really a good post! I happen to agree with most of what you said here. You're right about Hill & Tmac having the offense go through them most times and a tough, defensive guard like Strickland would make sense, if he can be had for around a million. He was good in the playoffs and a really solid defender from what I've seen of him.

I just hope that Ewing retires and that Oakley is not signed unless it is for the vet min. This team needs some youthful, rebounding legs in the paint and they need to get rid of Garrity as a pf.

Mike Miller seems injury prone and the Magic should get someone who can defend & trade him while he has some trade value.
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