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MillerTime said:
Hinrich would be the perfect guy, but like someone said, he's too costly.

How about someone like Ben Gordan? He's stock can't be that high anymore?

But, we seriously need to fix the PG situation for next season, Tins is definetly not the guy i want to have the ball in the 4th quarter for a playoff game. Sorry for sounding pesemistic, but the guy is not that good. I hate to think there was a time, maybe 2 years ago, where me and a few others argued (with a stright face) that Tins was better then Billups. lol
That ludicrous...Tinsley is still Tinsley. Even now, I'm surprised to see you question his ability on the floor. The only problem with Jamal is that he is so rarely on the floor, but when he's playing he's right there with in the second tier of PGs in this league with Hinrich, Sam Cassell, etc., just one notch below JKidd, Nash, Parker and Billups. I'm pretty sure I could make a case that he's Top 8 in the league if he could ever put together another 30 games played stretch.

Hinrich would be nice as well, but the Bulls aren't trading one of their two best players for anything short of stuff we don't want to give up. Maybe sign and trade with Peja, but I doubt Skiles is that interested and besides, then we'd end up trading Tins for 50 cents on the dollar.

And as for Ben Gordon, he's not a PG and he's also not that good. Undersized SG that can't really guard 1s or 2s and certainly can't run an offense to speak of. Think Dana Barros version 2.0. Chris Duhon is still taking half his minutes just because he can actually guard someone and not force bad shots to the tune of 42% shooting.
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