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Was just thinking about something, thought I would pose the question --

If you could put together a team from players drafted in the last two years that you would expect to be contending for a championship in 3-4 years, who would you take? 10 players only.

Keep in my, not only to pick the best players, but the best team.

PG -- Tony Parker -- incredibly heady. What he did on a very good team as a rookie at 19yrs old is amazing. Plays like a young John Stockton.

SG -- Jason Richardson -- the scoring shooting guard. Needs better D, but could be the go-to guy superstar

SF - Mike Dunleavy -- the do-everything, Grant Hill type wingman.. every team needs one

PF - Amare Stoudemire -- a beast down low. Could be Ben Wallace with offense. IMO is going to be the best player of the 2002 draft in the future. Would eventually be #2 option on this team.

C -- Yao Ming -- somewhat soft in the middle, but Stoudemire covers for that. Still, present big presence with size. Can score 14-16 ppg and grab around double digit boards

Bench --

Jiri Welsch -- can play multiple positions. Just a solid player.

Richard Jefferson -- might be too good to be on the bench, but is just so good all-around, especially defensively.. would be first guy off bench

Troy Murphy -- good shooter and rebounder at PF .. gives outside shooting at PF stoudemire doesnt

Ryan Humphrey -- the team's Bo Outlaw. Can outrun big PF's and post-up smaller SF's.. the garbage man.

Brendan Haywood -- solid defender.. gives the tougher presence at center that Ming doesnt.. very capable if Ming is in foul trouble..


That is my team.. Like I said, it is all about the team.. guys like Eddie Griffin, Eddy Curry, Gooden, Wagner ... all these guys will be very good, but..
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