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Before things spiral even further out of control and the media just hand Isiah Thomas' Knicks the Eastern Conference, you might want to check those box scores again.

The ex-bad boy has stirred things up in New York, but it's Thomas' former teammate, Joe Dumars, who appears to have the most realistic shot at tackling the Pacers and Nets for the Eastern Conference crown. After a terrible December swoon that prompted Dumars to defend his moves this summer to Insider, the Pistons are firing on all cylinders, winning eight straight games.

In Insider's Week 11 wrap, we explore the Pistons' sudden hot streak, the possible end of the Jazz's Cinderella run, Jim Jackson's stellar week in Houston, Lamar Odom's bid for the All-Star game and the future worth of Suns center Maciej Lampe.

due to copyright rules, we cannot allow the posting of this in its entirety. thanks for providing a link.

I guess this kills what was left of the Darko for Rasheed deal (should've never had life) or the Okur for Rasheed.

Also should put to rest the notion that we are trying to win now instead of the future. -- I never really understood how people thought we were trying to go for a championship this year anyway.
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