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Pistons Getting Back On D

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PHILADELPHIA -- The Pistons recently had a talk about defense.

They weren't playing much of it. At least not the brand for which they're known.

They had a list of things they wanted to improve, and over the last week, they've returned to their strong defensive tendencies.

"We were letting too much come into the middle," Pistons coach Flip Saunders said. "We were not keeping guys on one side of the floor. We were letting teams finish their play. We were letting teams basically play the whole court. We weren't locking them down.

"We weren't doing what we normally do. So we made a conscious effort, every night we went out: 'Here's the things we want to do.' "
Free Press

Let's see how this works.
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I have been very happy to see they can still play the grind it out game when they want/need to. It seems to have coincided at least partially with hunter being back and playing some minutes.
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