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Washington, Atlanta among teams talking to Dumars about deal

The odds of the Pistons getting a player they really want or need with the 23rd pick in the draft on Wednesday aren't very good.
In fact, the odds of them trading the pick are probably better.
As a result, President Joe Dumars is busy lining up potential trades to either get out of the first round or to land one or two second-round picks.
"We could trade the pick, no question," Dumars said. "We are going to wait and when the draft starts getting down to the 20s, we will have a list of five or six guys that we like. If those players are gone, we will look to move the pick."
Dumars has already talked to Washington, who has the 11th pick and wants a second first-round pick. The Pistons might be willing to exchange the 23rd pick for the Wizards' two second-round picks (39 and 40).
Dumars has also been in touch with Atlanta. The Pistons owe the Hawks a first-round pick, which was part of the Jerry Stackhouse trade that Atlanta subsequently acquired from Philadelphia.
If a player that Dumars covets isn't available, he could ask the Hawks to take the pick. The Hawks, who don't have a first-round pick, have the option to decline.
If the Hawks don't take the pick, the Pistons will probably convey their first-round pick next year, since they will be getting a probable lottery pick from Memphis.
"That pick (23) has to be a guy you think can really develop for the future, or a player who can add depth to your team," Dumars said. "If he can't bring either, then you move it."
Among the players the Pistons would likely consider if available at 23 are, Smush Parker (Fordham), Frank Williams (Illinois), Dan Dickau (Gonzaga), Carlos Boozer (Duke), Ryan Humphrey (Notre Dame), Tayshaun Prince (Kentucky), Juan Dixon (Maryland), Roger Mason (Virginia), Ronald Murray (Shaw), Fred Jones (Oregon), Rod Grizzard (Alabama), Vincent Yarborough (Tennessee) and Casey Jacobsen (Stanford).
The Pistons are still working out players. On Monday, John Salmons from Miami, Jiri Welsch from Slovenia, Preston Shumpert from Syracuse and Boozer will be in. On Tuesday, Luis Scola from Spain, Jason Jennings from Arkansas State and Matt Barnes from UCLA.

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We need to do something to relieve us (Memphis) of having to give Detroit our 1st round pick next draft (2003). We dodged a bullet this year by staying in the top five thus keeping our pick. Next year, we lose it to the Pistons. What was Grizz management thinking in 1997. Allright Pistons, we'll give you 2 BB King and 2 Al Green concerts, plus a visitors 'all night club pass' to Beale Street for our 2003 1st round pick back. We could even be persuaded to throw in a Graceland visit and a ticket stub from the recent Lewis-Tyson fight. Have we got a deal?
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