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I think it is time for a report card (as bad as it looks) for the Bull's players. Here is mine.

Curry = D
Chandler = incomplete
Crawford = C
Hinrich = C+ (doing very well for a rookie)
Pippen = D (or incomplete)
Gill = D
Fizer = D-
Davis = C+
Dupree = C
Brunson = D
Robinson = D-
Blount = C-
Jeffries= D-

This year has been extremely tough for our Bulls. All of the returning players from last year have under performed. I could have easily given some F's here. However I have a kind heart. Lets here it for the rookies and the trades.

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When you give out grades, you have to have some As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs. You give too many Ds. Here are my grades:

Curry = C
Chandler = I
Crawford = B-
Hinrich = A-
Pippen = D
Gill = C
Fizer = F
Davis = B-
JYD = C+
Dupree = C
Brunson = F
Robinson = D
Blount = C
Jeffries= D-

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I'll give this a go:

Curry = C- (I'm predicting my final season grade will be higher)
Chandler = Incomplete (Based on the few performances, I'd give him a B)
Crawford = C+ (needs to use his brain when he has the ball and get tougher on defense)
Hinrich = A (I see nothing wrong with his performance this season. Doing fabulous for a rook)
Pippen = Incomplete (not enough performances for me to give him a fair shake. Based on those few performances, I'd say a C)
Gill = C+ (Wanted to give him a B- but he's been too inconsistent)
Fizer = D (Yeah... stop shooting 17 footers!)
Davis = B+ (Doing exactly what he's asked to do)
JYD = C (Would be higher if he didn't shoot the ball at all)
Dupree = B (Doing well for someone nobody wanted)
Brunson = C (Like Davis, doing exactly what he's asked to do)
Robinson = C- (Doing better then he was last year in my opinion. Developed a pretty nice 15 footer)
Blount = C (Doing what they need him to do I guess... Don't like him playing the last minutes of the 4th but that's not his call)
Jeffries= D (Haven't hated nor liked what he's done up to this point)

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Curry = D (Biggest disappointment of the year. Has shown some signs lately though)
Chandler = I (Missed too many games for a grade. When he was healthy, he was an easy A)
Crawford = B (is exactly putting up the numbers everybody predicted for him this season. Should bulk up to become more consistent)
Hinrich = B (4th best of the rookie crop. Nothing short of great so far)
Pippen = I (again, missed too many games and has been playing hurt a lot)
Gill = D (His D is average at best. Shot comes and goes. Does nothing else)
Fizer = F (just awful at every aspect)
Davis = C+ (Was excellent at the beginning of the trade. Is obviously burning out due to heavy mins. now. Needs to stop jacking those contested 17 footers!)
JYD = C- (Like AD, was good at the beginning. Now a complete liability on offense and takes dumb shots)
Dupree = C (a nice energy guy off the bench. SHOULDN'T START!)
Brunson = D(fabulous garbage player :D)
Robinson = C- (has surprisingly been pretty good. Should start. I don't care if he doesn't practive hard!)
Blount = B(can do a little bit of everything decently. That J has been surprisingly consistent all season long)
Jeffries = No grade(I bet he hasn't even played 50 mins. yet)

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Sounds like fun.

Chandler incomplete.

Pippen F - he was supposed to play more, and as a vet of a number of surgeries should know his body well enough to have signed (or not).

Hinrich B+ - I'd like to give him an A, but the only way a rookie can be an A is if he's a Bird, Magic, Barkley, Olajuwan type of rookie. If he weren't a rookie, his grade would be much lower.

Blount B+ - as limited a player as he's been all his career, he's proving to be one of the Bulls' best players. Too bad he's so old.

Gill C - When he's on, he's a B+, when he's not, he's a D. So it averages out to a C.

Crawford D - This grade is based upon expectations. Given he's the only offensive weapon on this team, and he does have the ability to create his own shot, he should be scoring over 20 points per game EVERY night, and over 30 at least 1 of every 8 games. His talent is overwhelming, his production has been underwhelming. And the team's record has to be considered.

Fizer incomplete - we forget he had a terrible injury and came back way too soon. We also forget how strong he looked last season before that injury. I like how he developed from rookie to veteran through last season. I hate to think he's regressed for any other reason than his injury.

Davis D. I think he's old, and I am not that impressed with any part of his game. I think we could have found an NDBL player to put up his kind of numbers, or we could have given Blount the minutes Davis gets. On the other hand, Davis deserves to be our starting C, because nobody else we have can beat him out, and why pay him MAX dollars to sit? Our old max contract player helped us win 30 games last season. Our new max contract player is NOT going to help up win 30 games this season.

JYD C+ - he brings energy and defense and limited offense. He's basically an adequate substitute for not having Chandler. He's not helping us win ballgames, either. On a team that is offensively challenged, we need him to provide more offense, which is not his game. I also think we can find an NBDL player to play his minutes without hurting the team.

Brunson D- - the only reason I can't fail him is that he does make an occaisional shot. But he is the SLOWEST guard in the NBA that I ever remember seeing play the game. He is a liability on both offense and defense. The Bulls are the only NBA team he can get more than 3 games played in a season for at this point in his career. I'd much rather we kept (and played) Mason Jr. or found another NBDL player (or signed some FA vet) instead of trading for him.

Dupree C+ - I'd like to give him a B because he's overachieving our expectations, but on the other hand, compared to other SFs in the league, he's not really that good.

Robinson B- - Aside from Hinrich, Robinson might be the most complete rounded NBA player on the Bulls. He's athletic, can play strong D, can make the outside shot, can play SG, SF, and PF (in a pinch). He's not been on the IR as he has in past seasons, so he's actually in a position to earn his big paycheck. Of all the guys on the Bulls right now, he is the one player I think should be given the starting spot (SF) and left out there as many minutes as possible to get the rust off.

That leaves Curry.

Curry D - He was supposed to be the Bulls' #1 option this year. He's not been. He's a work in progress still, and maybe for that he deserves an incomplete. We all have our frustrations with him and his game, but those do not factor into his grade. A grade of D does not mean he's worthless, either. It just is a measure of where he's at NOW.
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