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Who Wins The 7 Game Series

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One off Finals series between 8 teams in a best of 7 game format.
Teams r made up of currently active players on NBA rosters only.
Lineups have been selected by the teams respective Coaches.
All players r healthy and injury free for the duration of the Finals.
The prime of the players career is what the draft has been based off, the peak of that players game, a currently active player example would be Rashard Lewis in his prime averaged 22.4ppg and 6.6rebs (Sonics 06-07), right now he rides the bench for the Miami Heat and plays very rarely, that does not count, Just His Prime
Alternatively young players like a Paul George who has not reached his full potential yet, his "Prime" would be considered this year, 17.6ppg 7.6rebs 1.8stls which is his peak year to date, not his peak potential

Match Up 1:

Team 3

PG Deron Williams
SG Kobe Bryant
SF Joe Johnson
PF Chris Bosh
C Dwight Howard
PG Russell Westbrook
SG Monta Ellis
SF Lamar Odom
PF Louis Scola
C Al Jefferson


Team 7
PG Chris Paul
SG Dwyane Wade
SF Ron Artest
PF Antwan Jamison
C Marcus Camby
PG Andre Miller
SG Jason Richardson
SF Luol Deng
PF Andray Blatche
C Chris Kaman

Please Vote To Help Determine Who Advances...

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You can make an argument that DWill/Kobe and CP3/Wade is a wash in their prime but

Bosh/Howard kills anything else on the other team. Even if they are in their prime.
Not to mention Westbrook coming off the bench.

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I voted for team 7 based on the premise that there is only one basketball and some of the offensive power on that team would be mitigated... and, importantly, team 7 has more Bulls (Deng)..
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