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1. Knicks now have a low post presence and someone who can command a double team which could free Houston and Spree for open jumpers, even Eisley and Frank Williams. The Knicks now have 2 good outside shooting PG'S.
2. Dice is only 27 and is not injury-prone like some are saying. Last season was his ONLY season of extended missed time. He is near 50 percent fg shooter for his career. He is a fellow Alabama alum with Sprewell which could make for a good relationship.
3. Frank Williams might be the steal of the draft. A PG with an NBA game. His game isnt suited for the way too organized and structured and uncreative college game. He will blow up in the NBA. Plus removing slow and old 37 year old Mark Jackson opens up playing time for the talented Eisley.

1. Knicks passed on Caron Butler who is going to be awesome.
2. Camby is Spree's best friend so maybe Spree is going to be a pain in the butt next year and unhappy.
3. Mcdyess is a southern guy who isnt really into the big city atmosphere of the big apple.
4. Maybe Mcdyess is fully healthy and is injury-prone(which i doubt)
5. Knicks still need a center.

overall the plusses far outweigh the minuses in this deal and this Knicks fan is very happy. A little dissapointed with the 2nd round selection of the foreign 6-2 guard. Why not select a big man project instead of a guard project???? ugh,, anyway a good night for the Knicks overall. Rememebr the Knicks arent done they will get a center from somewhere this summer.

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Dice is good for 21pts 10reb 2blk a night,and hes NOT injury- prone!I doubt Spre will be a pain in the A$$ just cuz Bambi was traded.The ONLY thing Spre wanted was to win,and with Dice onboard,thats totally gonna happen!

Knicks passed on Butler who is going to be AWESOME!
I agree!:D

Knicks/Heat are back baby!!!!!!!!!!!!
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