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The Snake
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Bring Them Down

Two things different and eerily the same
Nature and corruption, both inspire fear in men's hearts
Innocence lost with a heart stained
Each mongrel provided their part

Fight or run? Neither is a serious plan
Both leave you stranded with no hope of survival
As men we do what we can
But it never measures up to our most bitter of rivals

So back and forth we stand strong and weep
Two fronts of anguish and two consequences of action
The mouth goes dry, where is our speech?
Ruins of words misplaced in flashes

Let men live their lives without boundries crossed
Peace is what they will find
If nature and corruption are ignored, rules become lost
Decency, freedom concepts we treasure only in the context of time

The Snake
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Hearts With Knives

Sharp and cold it plunges deep
Cuts through experiences and memories in a single motion
Here comes the arrival of sweet sleep
Where in dreams there are no cloudy days and endless oceans

Have you found what you desire?
No I answer with a ferocity that destroys stars
The sunshine rekindles a personal fire
To burn off my everlasting scars

The heat hurts horribly and the ground becomes a friend
Close to it, I hear its heart beating
We question our beginnings and ignore our end
But how can one be reborn multiple times if life is fleeting?

After our darkest days, we find someone on which to lean
They give us strength and power to exert our will
We share laughs and tears and screams
And when it ends there is hope still

The Snake
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Time, The Scourge

Time is evil, ending things too soon
Red and brown blurring in a wave
Two butterflies breaking back into our cocoons
Our proximity is a result of similar states

Share thoughts and memories of life
Our treasure is when stars are not absent
Accelerate progress until things are defined
Chaos seems defeated with order accented

So how can I defeat time, the scourge?
Never break apart, steel looks linked
If we have one power it is our words
Mouths are sealed, this is when time, the scourge, sprints.

The Snake
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What We Do Carries On

Actions are not dead once purpose is fulfilled
Ripples touch them all one by one
Some are sad, others are thrilled
Decisions create the world until they're done

What if a smile turns around one day?
The same could be said about a scowl
Remember o' great child do not go astray
Flying home like the fowl.

He looked only briefly but the grin I spied
Whisked my mind into realms of other worlds
Suddenly trivial death escaped my mind
Why me? There were dozens of other girls.

I began to walk with a brisker pace
The sun shone a little brighter
That smile upon his face
Has made my soul forever lighter.

They laughed and cried symptoms of good times
While I stood privately, leave me thoughts
Do they not realize how adversly it affects my mind?
Reach out to me and happiness will be brought.

But instead they hurry away, busy with complexities
And I still sit, paralyzed, I am so afraid
My life means nothing no one sees
That I would no longer sit still if their eyes had strayed

The Snake
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The Spirit

There are phrases spoken woven with lost words
Visions disappearing when dawn arrives
This soul is cursed with longing for lost worlds
But preventing reality from spite

The moment when a wound long dead
Opens anew; Is there still hope?
Dreaming of adventures watched and depressions read
I awoke with chains, wrapped in judgment's rope

Escape! The chain snapped and I fell
Into the green abyss. Their bullets no match for me.
Because there is a lost world on the shore of which I cannot tell.
I swim only because I do believe.

But muscles weaken as quests move forward.
The noose looks closer than the destination
Suddenly I find myself longing for judgment's chord.
Its song entices even the most defeating machinations.

Do not turn back hopeful one!
The call heard eminated from this lake
Continue on o' distressing son!
This lost world is yours to take.

Realiziations are the devil's doing
Risks never taken offer a less reward
Than those not worth the loss and the days spent ruing.
The path not taken always shows the Joker's card.

But he is a sane man, typical is his practice
The shore holds only so much promise
And never admits the consequences of actions.
For the shore lies while the executioner is honest.

So I watch him turn back towards judgment's rope
Due to the condition of his humanity.
He grabs the noose and pulls it ever close,
Perhaps for a second he regained his sanity.

What this dead man does not see
Is that on the shore, his perfect place
A woman spies the lake beneath
With spirit in her heart wishing to see his face.

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The Snake
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I stand under the lemon tree disgusted
I am awake with acute senses
Forever paralyzed with thoughts of lusting
After a girl who exists in past tenses

This lemon tree, my prison I adore
Minutes to seconds, time is scrated in bark
Sweet sugar touches my lips in pours
Dreams of simple strolls in the park

Fantastic feelings do not enter lemonade
Squeezed clean of a good heart
As consciousness expands and fades
If we are actors and the world is our stage who plays my part?

The man trapped in his own doings
I built these lemon trees with hands scarred
From encounters with people fluid
In speech, in death I receive my pardon.

The Snake
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The Father, The Son

Perceptions altered among childish laughs
Youth reclaimed, innocence gained
Death to those who strip men of their past
And imprison them in their present state

For if a man seeks his truth revealed
But they find the demon's grin
Ideas escape, their souls are sealed
Forever haunted by what skeletons bring

They grow, a parasite revived
Flesh is food, they are addicted
Will God protect our lives?
No because he is the father of all that is wicked

The Snake
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Due To The Unfortunate Occurence

Observe calamaties and the wrath of God
See Adam and Eve regress again
Are we really animals when engaged in tougher plots?
If humanity does not ascend

When their fellows require their assistance
Destroy us, break your covenant
I plead to you, this simple man only wishes
That if this test we've failed, let us attempt again

Though we disappoint, neglect your influence
True believers see our lesser actions
And then see ourselves, maintain the altruism
Those who spite are ignoring their real passions

The Snake
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What Happens On A Fall Day

A man sits distraught by thoughts
Mistaking worthless oppurtunities for chances lost
Dreams of love fused with rage
His unwritten chapter is a single page

Friends are blind to struggles
Gentle jokes caused by internal troubles
They laugh heartily only deepening the scorn
He's torn between calm winds and the thunderstorm

The electric nature of this man's soul
He's old, fiery youth turned cold
Diamonds on the walk eloquently evoke
Memories of petty arguments provoked

They were at best nominal nuisances
He attempts to let his heart loosen
Constrained by an affection for passion
But hating the consequences of its actions

Days end as the shivers grow
Tomorrow the light fails to improve him though
And he constantly ponders his predicament
Furious tunes remove the intimate

Perhaps he enjoys this, the chase of the insane
For unreliable appearances and hypothetical claims
Weaken this man but reveal the wrath
Of a world furiously inactive

The Snake
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Glass smiles did little to give solace
Convinced of the extraordinary and ignored the obvious
Lies told affect all men in different ways
On subsequent days they often let their anger fade

But why? These untruths spole clear
And carried a greater weight because of fear
Lies are clever, man is consciously nervous
Of causing his situation to worsen.

Once again I saw a glass smile
Flashed with brilliance and impeccable style
Beauty and grace lunged forward
Has any man been so lovestruck while tortured?

Man has faith in God and dog alike
It reasons he'll believe in whatever he like
Yet the unique soul escapes this trait
And turns lies into a defined debate

I propose that this pleasant statement
Is a claim designed to pacify my disdain
Of hatred upon me, hidden
To prevent the possibility of a rash decision.

The Snake
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What Spring Melts Away

this is planned to be a long poem, so it will be consistently updated, but since nobody is really reading this I guess it doesn't matter

Imagine this: a man is forced to decide
Between a path less traveled by
And a road of regularity defined
By its resemblence to every other path the man has traveled by
Picture the expression of my suprise
When this same decision descended upon me one night
The dusk created zebra's stripes
A shade of death juxtaposed with the forest's light
I paused then peered down both paths with increasing fright
Struggling to remember what road led to my predecesor's demise
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