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Poetry in motion

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Twas the month before draft and all through the league
All front offices were drunk with fatigue

The prospects were all feverishly engaged in their workouts
while General Managers dreamt of trading up packages with clout.

To move up in the draft order to grab their hincty sweets
Not to be left behind munching on a burger filled with sheeiitt.

And then in a Chi Pre gym there rose such a clatter
I sprang from my cyber screen to see what was the matter

On Humphrey! On Maddox ! On Haslem ! On Juan Dixon!
Juan Dixon in the first round ? Surely you must be sh*ttin.

But then he appeared - a man so joyless and despised
Who always viewed the draft as his time to bignote and surprise

A man accused that upon meeting - one had to de-louse
That's right ! this secretive eagle eye before me was Jerry Krause

No boring assed boyscouts said I - but deliver us ballers with rage
Without character it wasnt happening retorted this wise old sage.

As he turned on his heels and made for his retreat
I sensed his determination that he would not be beat.

Yo Jerzy! Come June 27 I want someone who'll save us
He turned and he winked as he mouthed "how bout Baron Davis"

Hollering as he left with hastened flight
Forget it -there's nothing any of you can do - so sleep tight

This harsh pragmatic advice that crashed through in my realisation
Made me think of the futility pining for the next draft sensation

Who's going where - all this energy we are sappin
All we can know is is that some major sh*t is going to happen

So if you are stressin, quit your guessin, because its in your head that its messin , learn this lesson, think happy positive thoughts - like the Bulls/Lakers series this year that the Lakers got swept in, just look forward to a big June 26 for our Bulls where we'll hopefully be counting our blessin's


Fat Jerry Publications. Copyright June 2002
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Haha, great stuff
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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