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Besides the obvious Olowokandi, Wells, Lewis, and Bibby, this free agent class is nothing special at all. I like Bowen, but he's staying in San An. My plea is not to sign a center just to add that big body we need badly. I say sign the best player available that we could sign and then bring in that big body via trade, like dealing Anderson for Tag, (something like that).

Guys I believe we should look at are William Avery, pending his breakout year in 02-03, I'll bet ya that much...I also like Billups a lot. Travis Best is solid, Eddie House, Rusty LaRue, McInnis, Ollie, Erick, not Rod, Strickland, Donyell Marshall, Bryon Russell, and so on.

A dream scenario would be if we could add Bryon Russell and Chauncey Billups and subtract Eisley and Anderson. That seems impossible to do, though, but I tell ya that'd be a major improvement...

Another player I like a lot is Michael Redd. If we deal Latrell, I say we look into signing this guy.
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